About Us

We are a family owned outfitter. Our farms are located in Gallatin and White Counties in Southern Illinois. 

In order to ensure our continued success we will only be taking 6 archery hunters per year on the land we own. We feel this is necessary to move forward with the management of our deer herd. Since we will only be taking 6 hunters per year, we will be able to focus more time on scouting so your chances of taking a mature whitetail are increased. We also offer a few gun hunts on land we lease.  Numbers will depend on how many leases we secure and room in the lodge.

Our deer herd has been managed for about 10 years. In years past this property was not hunted. This has created a very good age structure and buck to doe ratio. Based on our 2016 camera surveys our average buck is 3.5 years old and our buck to doe ratio is very close to 1:1.

Since 2006 we have followed Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) standards. We currently target bucks that are at least 140” Pope and Young and at least 4.5 years old. We have food plots throughout our properties as well as large sanctuaries on several tracts of land. We also participate in QDM cooperatives on each of our properties. We have several thousand acres of continuous QDM properties around our farm. This also makes our herd management goals easier to achieve. 

You will receive 2 on 1 guide service while hunting with us. Guide services will include scouting, tree stand hanging, tracking, processing, transportation to and from the field, and anything else you might need to ensure your hunt with us is a memorable one. We want our guests to feel like family when they are here. AT THE COUNTRY LODGE, WE AIM TO PLEASE!!