Here is what some of our hunters have said about The Country Lodge.
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I have the pleasure of knowing Matt Duffy and his family. I have yet to meet anyone from Gallatin or White County Illinois that doesn’t know Matt or his family and have nothing but good things to say about them. You will not meet a guy that knows his whitetails any better than Matt and specifically the whitetails in this area. Matt not only knows what is happening on his farms, but also keeps track of what is going on in the area with his network of friends and acquaintances. Matt spends countless hours monitoring his deer with scouting cameras and has a history of many of the bucks on his farms. You can always bet that if you see a buck on one of Matt’s farms, he’ll have a picture of him and have a good idea of who that buck is.

The Duffy’s have some great land for whitetails. The Gallatin and White County Illinois river bottoms have been producing giant bucks for years and the Duffy farm is no exception. They are growing some fantastic bucks. I have seen first hand the caliber of bucks they are seeing and killing. When Matt told me he would be building the lodge and outfitting some hunts, I was really excited for him. I know everyone will be happy with The Country Lodge and the Duffy’s hospitality. I would also be willing to bet that there will be many opportunities at some really nice bucks as well. Good Luck and feel free to call me as a reference if needed. (317-506-2772)

Mark Lyon, Hunting Lease Network

Matt and Martin Duffy have created a little piece of heaven with the Country Lodge. Excellent lodging in the heart of big buck country at an affordable rate is a combination we don't see often in our line of work. Combined with an ultra small client list which insures us that we see quality animals each hunt, the Country Lodge is the best kept secret in Illinois deer hunting. If you're looking for the whitetail hunt of a lifetime we strongly urge you to give Matt and Martin a call. Brian Godfrey John Brown Jr. Owners, BOSS Outdoor Productions Producers of NRA's American Hunter and American Rifleman Television and QDMA's Quality Whitetails Television

John Brown and Brian Godfrey

First of all, you'll never meet better folks than the Duffys!! They are in the heart of awesome whitetail country!! Low hunting pressure, knowledge of the local herd, and their love for QDM practices are just a few of the reasons they are among the elite when it comes to outfitting!! Not to mention the great lodge, food, and hospitality!! The Duffys are first class!! If you would like to talk to me directly as a reference, give me a shout at 417-825-4811

Mike "Tater" Haviland

I have been fortunate enough to hunt in many different states with many different outfitters, and I have to say, Matt and Martin Duffy have created a hunting operation that is first class all the way. Matt is constantly on top of the deer population and movement with a detailed trail camera survey. With their intense QDM, bucks are able to mature to 4.5-5.5 years old, giving the hunters an opportunity at Trophy Bucks!! I would recommend The Country Lodge to anyone looking for a World Class Hunting Experience!!

Chad Ritter, Knight & Hale Ultimate Hunting Team

This place sucks! Why would anyone want to spend their treasured and irreplaceable vacation time hunting with people who love the land, manage their deer, do not overhunt the property, practice QDMA principles, feed you until you pop, and if you are nice to them, will take you to the best friday night fish fry in the midwest? A better bet would be to keep going with those outfitters that overhunt their stands and rip you off. There's sure more of that around!

Bob Robb, Editor Whitetail Journal

This was my first trip to the midwest for a deer hunt. The Duffy's were exceptionally nice people. I was impressed with the facilities. The land they hunt is ideal deer habitat sandwiched between rivers and farmland and the balance of their land in CRP. The weather was a little warm for the time of year. There were good deer sightings. The focus on bow hunting is very strong. Scent control is paramount. Wind movement dictates hunting location. The facility was very clean and the food was great. Taking in some local eateries helped get a flavor of the local area. After hunting for 40 years and hunting with a bow in the south for 26 years I was able to harvest my first Buck with a bow. My hunt will be memorable for that reason. The comfort and surroundings of The Country Lodge will add to the experience. Highly recommended to anyone.

Scott Keating

I hunted this past season in Illinois at The Country Lodge and I believe I've found my new favorite spot for whitetail season! Not only were the deer healthy and managed well, but the people around me at The Country Lodge made my hunt one of the most enjoyable I've experienced over the years. I killed a beautiful deer, made some wonderful memories, and enjoyed everything about my time at the Lodge!

Julie McQueen

I went to The Country Lodge last season. It was an amazing experience to say the least. The main ingredient I saw was Matt's passion for the game and his passion for keeping pressure at a MINIMUM! I literally saw a mature buck every day, and I don't think that has much to do with soil, genetics, or food as it does hunting pressure. It has to do with the way he manages his farm and how he hunts it, in my opinion. If the wind isn't right, you can kiss that stand goodbye, you will not be hunting it, PERIOD! His farm is year round management, and it was very easy to see that from the first hour on stand.

Michael Bedwell, unsuccessful hunter

Been hunting whitetails for 20 years. The last 5 have been the best of my life. Thats the five years that I have been hunting with and around The Country Lodge. Great People.....Great Times.....Great Memories.....and Great Big Deer!!! Congrats to everyone that had a successful season. Hope to see some of you again next year. Thanks to Matt, Martin and Cathy for all that you do. Can't wait until next season.

Scott Lyon, Country Lodge guest

What can I say? This was my 2nd season at The Country Lodge. Matt and Martin Duffy as always made me feel like family and did all they could to put me on the deer, and I was on the deer. I saw two of the largest bucks I have ever seen. I took a 146 inch main frame 10 pt and 2 does. The only problem is I have to wait a year to go back. Thanks for all the memories!!!!!!!

Matt Cusamano

This was my first time ever to hunt out of the state of Alabama and on a paid hunt. I have to say I was a little nervous, and didn't know what to expect. You watch that stuff on tv and you sometimes hear bad stuff. But, after leaving that Saturday morning from The Country Lodge I felt like I was leaving good friends, family, and yes GREAT DEER HUNTING! This was a complete 180 of what I though it was going to be, thanks to Matt, Kevin and Mr. Duffy. Thanks again for the great hunting, and camp fire stories.... Awesome trip!!!

Scott Pezent, unsuccessful hunter

I truly had a wonderful, exciting experience while staying at The Country Lodge. This was a time of "firsts" for me. I came up a novice bow hunter to a world filled with monsterous deer... everywhere! I have never in my life seen so many deer and at one time too. In my past experiences hunting, I would have been happy to have seen a deer to shoot at, but in New Haven, I had to decide over many which one I wanted to go for! Along with my dad, we had such a great time visiting and hanging out in such a really cool Lodge with wonderful folks. Thanks so much for a great, exciting time and I look forward to getting a shot at that big 10!!

James Cook

Matt, what you have built is rare in the industry of outfitting. I have experienced enough to know what good looks like and definitely felt the disappointments of what bad is. Keep it real for your hunters, be genuine, and never lose the true feeling of family you capture today in their experience. Some of my best hunting moments this year was sneaking up on those geese and ducks and that gives me enough in the battery to make it until the next season. It was all about the experience and effort you put into the hunt that makes people come back, not the big bucks or sky full of waterfowl.

Nathan MrNak, Dir. of Asset Prot., Cabela's Inc.

I learned about The Country Lodge through a common interest in Quality Deer Management. I realized within the first few hours of arriving at The Lodge it would be a special experience. After reviewing the trail camera pictures of the known mature bucks on the property we took a drive to get a feel for the area. The hundreds of acres of agricultural fields surrounding and on the property were full of feeding deer. Glassing from afar , there were two different buck brawls in progress as well as dozens of others feeding on the cut and uncut soybean buffet. In the distance a monster appeared on the field edge. He walked along the edge making scrapes and working branches, occasionally chasing off younger bucks to let them know he was large and in charge. Even from hundreds of yards away, it was clear he was mature with tons of antler mass. It was a known buck named Hangers in a prior year; due to large "coat hangers" sticking off his G2s on his 160" 10pt frame. With a buck like Hangers on your mind, it can be difficult to sleep the night before the first hunt. The comfort of the lodge helped with a good nights rest and I was ready for the exciting times ahead. The stands were large, comfortable and easily accessible in heavily traveled transition areas. Ground blinds were also available in a few areas where stands weren't possible. I lost count of the number of deer I saw over the next few days, but it was in the dozens. On the first evening, my friend Larry, who was also hunting, shot a 5.5 year old 10pt that ended up scoring 141". I shot a doe the next morning to get things warmed up in the event I was lucky enough for a mature buck to come in range. My luck came on the last evening hunt. Two huge doe came out of the CRP 50 yards from my stand with what looked like a mature buck in tow. As I was considering drawing, another larger buck hurried out of the CRP and chased the other buck off. The largest deer of my life, a 6.5 year old 8pt with split brow tines stood at 15 yards. The adrenaline spike of being that close to a buck of a lifetime brought some of the most intense minutes I had ever experienced. Unfortunately, the buck I now know was named Jug Head, spent all of his time in my presence facing me at 15 yards. I was never presented a shot. Even though I didn't get a shot off, it was one of the most memorable and exciting hunts I have had in 30 years of chasing Whitetails. Matt (owner) and Paxton (guide) were awesome. They did everything possible to make our hunting enjoyable and successful. Matt's mother and father also provided some of the best country cooking and hospitality this southern boy has experienced . If you plan on hunting The Country Lodge at the same time the Cardinals are playing in the World Series; beware. You have never laughed so hard or had as good of a time as you will watching a game with Mr. Martin Duffy (Matt's dad). The hunting experience was thrilling. The accommodations, cooking and company was icing on the cake. Thanks for a great experience.

Phil Bancroft