Trophy Gallery

Here are some of our trophies from years past.  As you can see our hunters and guests have been very successful in harvesting mature whitetails.  We also have turkeys, ducks and an ample supply of predators.  It is our hope that when you come next year your picture will be added to this section of our website!!
Michael and Caroline with his late season 10 point
Paxton's monster 10-point, 163"!!!
Jamie Halliday--8-point, what a trooper he is.
Matt with an old 9 point--159"
Craig Wiggins with a good late season 9-point!!
Tom James with a magnum 8.5 year old 152" 8-point
Lucas(7) with his first deer!!
Ibach strikes again!!!  AMAZING deer and photo!!
Their 2nd Hat Trick in a row!!  WOW!!
Pete's Big 8!!  One of the oldest deer on the farm
Phil's Booner!!!!  173" 10-point with a bow!!
Matt Cusamano breaks the 150 mark with his 154" 9-
Alex's first deer--Youth Season
Jacob's First racked buck--Youth Season
Pete's wide 8
Paxton's late season wide the snow!!
Michael's magnum 10 point!
J's awesome late season drop tine!!
Cus and the heavy 10
Chad's big 8
Phil with a nice 9 point!
Wide Load!!  Paxton's 25" inside 9 point!!!
Scott's MONSTER 7 point!!!  26" main beams!!
Matt's Big 11 point
Jason S. with the wide 8.
Casey C. with a 160 class 9 point, 30 minutes into
Brian G. with the big 8, LOOK AT THAT NECK!!!
My buck, a 5.5 year old 9 point
Jacob B. with his first ever whitetail!!
Neil and Reid Perry at The Lodge
Scott P. with his biggest buck ever, a dandy 9 poi
Matt C. with Brahma
Travis's late season archery 9 point!!
Paxton's first Turkey!!!
Matt's late season ML Buck
Matt's first turkey double!
Shed hunt 2012
James's first archery deer!!
All in a weekends work!!
Amanda's First Deer
Keating Triple Play
Matt C. with Phil Jr.
Duck Hunt
Kevin's MONSTER BUCK  184" gross
Martin's Monster 8 point..WOW
Travis's Big 10 point..152"!!!
Jay's old 8 point
Berts's 10 point
Goose with a freak nasty!!
Kevin and his dogs...
Jason's 9 Point
Stackin em up like cordwood
Scott's 170" 11 point
Morgan with his heavy 10 point
Me and John Brown with John's 21" 8 point
John Brown big 9 point
Ibachs mature 7 point
Doodles Big 8
Dad with Split Kick
Karena's first ever whitetail
Ibachs Big 10
Chucks Big 10
Whitetail Freaks Josh Holmes and Jake Stocke
Scott makes it 2 in a row.
Jason's 10 point
Michael with "Ragebutt"
Matt's 5 yr old 8 point 136"
Doodle's Big 8 156"
Jason Schambers 2009 140" 13 point
Matt's 2009 Gobbler
Zach Kingery and his greenheads!!
Zach and Aubrey, mornings kill
Travis with Greenheads!!
Paddy and Travis Sumner
Mornings kill
Group 1 morning 1
Waiting Game
John Brown with his 0* 4 year old 8 point!!!
Matt and John Brown 2009 Gun Kill
Me and Jacob on first hunt
Travis Sumner and John Brown 2009
Scott Keating with "Billy"
Matt Cusamano with a nice 8 point
Craig Wiggins and Cameraman John Putnam
Julie McQueen with "High Brow" 2009 Archery
Chad Ritter Knight and Hale with big 11 point
Taters Big 6
John Brown QWTV with his 150" archery buck
Rich Glidden with his Black Powder 10 point
Jim Velazquez Bowtech
Travis Sumner Primos/Mossy Oak Prostaff
Matt's 2008 archery kill with Tater
Martin Duffy 167" 10 Point 2006 Firearm
Jay Beaver 150" 7 point 2007
John Brown's 140" 10point 2007 Archery
Kevin Edmonds 2003 Black Powder
Brad Bobb 140" 10 point archery
Matt Duffy with 168" 11 point archery
Martin Duffy with his first bow kill 130" 2007
Kevin Edmonds 2001 Black Powder
Matt with 4 beam 15 Point
Martin Duffy with first trophy 130" 8 point 2002
Brandon Browning 140" 8 point
Matt's first turkey 2008 11.5" beard
Matt Duffy with John Brown Jr., Quality Whitetails
Predator Kill